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FNC Welcomes Aramark Volunteers for Aramark Building Community Day

This coming Tuesday, September 20, FNC will welcome over 175 Aramark volunteers to our 8th and Poplar location as part of Aramark’s annual day of service, Aramark Building Community Day.

There are many educational and transformative activities planned for the day, including the creation of an outdoor collaboration space, adding a community garden area, the revitalization of the East Poplar Recreation Center, and the enhancement of our high tunnel. Aramark volunteers will also be painting inspirational murals that our partners and community members will enjoy for years to come. Additionally, Aramark dietitians will volunteer their time to lead a nutrition workshop, using fresh garden ingredients, for the FNC community.

As you see, many of these projects center on improving the health and wellness of our community and partners. We know that focusing on the health of our community and partners is one important way that we can build strong neighborhoods and a thriving community in Philadelphia. These ABC Day activities also reinforce our recent work with Aramark, and American Heart Association, as FNC was part of their Healthy for Life community pilot program this past spring. This 12- week program of health and wellness education was very well-received by our community.

Thank you in advance to all of the Aramark volunteers that will be donating their time next week to FNC. Aramark has been a trusted partner of FNC’s for over nine years now, and we are continually grateful for their support. We can’t wait to see all of the great work that will come out of Aramark Building Community Day!

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