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So, summer is here and things are busy at FNC! We’ve had two youth job experience programs going on this year – one started pre-summer and was funded through our partners at Philadelphia Works, Inc. and now, our summer WorkReady program has kicked off, with all of the youth starting their internships and service learning projects this week! Many thanks to all of the businesses who have been willing to take on a summer intern and provide important mentoring for those students!

We are moving into yet another year with our oldest program – Parent EmPower! This year will see a transition, as our beloved and long-term project director, Bernadette Jones, will be retiring. We deeply appreciate all of her hard work and dedication over the years of this project. We wish her well in her retirement – she’s earned it! We will be making an announcement about how we will move forward in the coming months.

I also want to welcome our new legal counsel to our team! We are very pleased to introduce Tiarra Taylor as our new legal counsel! A graduate of Charlotte School of Law where she earned her Juris Doctorate, she has her own practice here in Philadelphia, and dedicates much of her time trying to make a real difference in Philadelphia. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she well understands the challenges and obstacles that our young people and community as a whole face every day. She is dedicated to give back to her community and to be a voice for those who are unable or afraid to speak for themselves. We are excited to welcome her to the FNC family!

Fiscal Sponsorship (Nurturing Emerging Community Visionaries) continues to grow! Our current projects include (including fiscally managed projects):

We are proud of the many projects that are a part of our Nurturing Emerging Community Visionaries Fiscal Sponsorship initiative! Just last night, Michael Harbison (Deputy Executive Director) and I attended the Black Girls Do Broadway Showcase at the Black Box Theatre URBN Center Annex. This project, from Arts without Boundaries, provides a forum for girls of color to explore and expand their talents through Broadway music and theatre! The presentation was STUNNING! I don’t think I was the only one wiping tears from my eyes through the entire production! Nina McCrae and her team did an amazing job preparing these young women – and, the hard work of the project participants was evident! Beautiful voices, deep-seated natural talent, professional-level enunciation, and the ability to connect with the audience made this sell-out event one of my all-time favorites! I can’t wait until their next production! I am SURE we will be seeing some of these girls performing on Broadway in the years to come!

Sharing Excess continues to grow and expand their work! Evan Ehlers has a vision and level of dedication I’ve seldom seen. How did all of this begin? I’ll let Evan’s own words explain, “I realized I had over fifty meals left in my dining account with only two days left in the winter term. Rather than letting them go to waste, the next day I decided to swipe all of my meals out. I packed them all in my car and drove into Center City, Philadelphia to give them out to anyone I could find that needed something to eat. This was probably the happiest day of my life; I became addicted to the feeling of giving.” Since beginning, Sharing Excess has won the Philadelphia Inquirer’s 2018 Stellar StartUps Competition, received various awards and grants, and literally salvaged and shared TONS of food! Started on Evan’s own college campus – Drexel University, Sharing Excess is now expanding with new chapters on other campuses! Check out the CBS3 3 Cheers piece on the project.

And, I am pleased to welcome Keino Thompson and his project Community Activ8! Our newest project is based in New York City and uses sports and activities (at city parks and recreation centers) to encourage positive mental health practices specifically to the low income minority communities of the city. Keino, a native of the Bronx, brings a strong background, dedication, and his MBA into play as he makes a difference in his city!

Over the next weeks, I will highlight other projects – all of which are led by incredible community visionaries!


Do you have an idea for a project to do good in your community? Are you considering applying for your 501(c)3 non-profit status? Fiscal Sponsorship may be an easier avenue for you to move forward without all of the day-to-day administrative responsibilities around fiscal management, grant management, etc. Check out our section on Fiscal Sponsorship on this website (see the tabs at the top of the page)! Whether you’ve already started or are just in the planning stages, this might be the way to go! Over In the US, new non-profits that get their 501(c)3 find that the responsibilities of creating and conducting a project while also managing the fiscal and administrative responsibilities to be daunting. Five years after starting, 55% are no longer in existence, and of those that are, many are inactive. Share your dream with us and let’s talk! You can start by completing our online fiscal sponsorship questionnaire here.

HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! And while you’re at it – drop by and see us at Bok! We are proud to be a part of this incredible building in South Philadelphia! This building is a “richly layered space for small businesses, makers, community services, and more!” Let us know you’re coming and we can end our day on the rooftop Bok Bar!

Till next time,

Jerry Tapley, Executive Director

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