FNC Welcomes Aramark Volunteers for Aramark Building Community Day

This coming Tuesday, September 20, FNC will welcome over 175 Aramark volunteers to our 8th and Poplar location as part of Aramark’s annual day of service, Aramark Building Community Day.

There are many educational and transformative activities planned for the day, including the creation of an outdoor collaboration space, adding a community garden area, the revitalization of the East Poplar Recreation Center, and the enhancement of our high tunnel. Aramark volunteers will also be painting inspirational murals that our partners and community members will enjoy for years to come. Additionally, Aramark dietitians will volunteer their time to lead a nutrition workshop, using fresh garden ingredients, for the FNC community.

As you see, many of these projects center on improving the health and wellness of our community and partners. We know that focusing on the health of our community and partners is one important way that we can build strong neighborhoods and a thriving community in Philadelphia. These ABC Day activities also reinforce our recent work with Aramark, and American Heart Association, as FNC was part of their Healthy for Life community pilot program this past spring. This 12- week program of health and wellness education was very well-received by our community.

Thank you in advance to all of the Aramark volunteers that will be donating their time next week to FNC. Aramark has been a trusted partner of FNC’s for over nine years now, and we are continually grateful for their support. We can’t wait to see all of the great work that will come out of Aramark Building Community Day!

R*Health Summer Cohort

R Health Summer Cohort flyer

Spaces are limited!

Call these numbers Now to get on the list

Willie (215) 769-1100 x 6759

Culinary Connections Cont.

We are so proud to present the continuation of Culniary Connections with Jevs Human Services. The next class starts in May 2016. Click here to complete the pre-screening application.

Culinary Connections continues

For more information, click here or

Contact us on 267-298-1618 or culinaryconnections@jevs.org

Summer Job

We are partnering with PYN workready to present an opportunity for teenagers to come participate in an exciting chance to get paid to learn during this summer.

t4g summer job

Application Instructions

In order to apply for a summer position with Teens 4 Good please click here to print out and complete the application package, obtain parent/guardian signatures and attend an Application Info Session.

Please bring all items listed on the first sheet to the info session, you may bring your parent or guardian.


  1. Visit https://summerapp.workreadyphila.org/
  2. Complete green section “I would like to start a new application” 
  3. When you hit “start application” it will send you an email with your password.
  4. Use this info to log in where it says, “I’d like to continue my application”
  5. Reset password and come up with security questions, then hit submit.
  6. Use your new password to log in where it says, “I’d like to continue my application”.
  7. Complete application, where it asks for a contract code be sure to enter T122

Click here for Farm site locations

Application Information Sessions


May 16th 2pm – 5:30pm
May 23rd 2pm – 5:30pm

May 19th 2pm – 5:30pm
May 26th 2pm – 5:30pm

Workready Dates and Times

From July 5th through August 12th. 20 hours per week, from Monday – Thursday.

Smooth Moves

On the 19th of this month (March), the Teens in our R* Health program are hosting a community event titled Smooth Moves. There will be open yoga sessions to show different health-benefiting moves, and making of fresh smoothies. They are inviting everyone to come participate.

“I’ve learned so much from this program, especially during the yoga sessions. We were taught proper breathing skills, and that has helped reduce a lot of stress”



Check the flyer below for more information.

yoga smoothies

2016 Teens 4 Good CSA

Teens 4 good CSA

“I love everything about the Teens4Good CSA. The produce is always excellent, the farmer and farm staff are knowledgeable and kind, and the price is unbeatable!”
– Arielle Middleman, CSA Member.

What is Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial commitment between farmers and their community. Members pay in advance before the start of the season and receive a share of the harvest. This provides operating capital for the farm and allows the farmer to plan for the season. In return, the farmer provides CSA members with a weekly share in the bounty.

Why Join Teens4Good CSA?

“The Teens 4 Good CSA was a great experience and definitely worth the cost. I loved the weekly variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Great portions and the produce was always in great shape. I also enjoyed the weekly newsletter’s recipe suggestions. Looking forward to participating again this year!”
– Brian Cassidy, CSA Member.

Know Your Food!

Know where and how your food is grown, who grows it, and partake in the miracle of growing food. All of our produce will come to you fresh and chemical free.

Be a Part of the Community!

Become involved in a community of growers and eaters committed to healthy food and a cleaner environment. Participate in workdays, workshops, receive weekly newsletters filled with stories from our teen farmers, recipes, and information on produce in your share.


crop 2


The share cost is $400 for 24 weeks of produce. The CSA will run from the beginning of May to the end of October. Limited shares available.


Each weeks share includes 6 or 7 items including herbs, flowers and occasional fruit.
For example: 1 bunch kale, 1/3 lb bag spring mix, 1 bag arugula, 1 bunch beets, 1 bunch asparagus, 1 bunch scallions, 1 bunch herbs.


You have 3 pick up options

  1. Wednesday from 3pm-6pm at the 8th and Poplar Farm.
  2. Tuesday from 3pm-6pm at the North Light Community Center, 175 Green Lane.
  3. Thursdays from 3pm-6pm at the Schuylkill Center

If you happen to be out of town on a Wednesday, you may arrange for someone else to pick up your share for you or you can opt to have your share donated to a local food pantry.


Please understand that CSA members share the risks and bounties with our farmers. Weather, pests, and children have all been known to wipe out our crops. Our members also share the bounty associated with a good year. These may include early tomatoes, huge flower bouquets, and plenty of juicy berries!

crop 1

How to Sign Up
  1. Email T4GCSA@gmail.com or call (914)-257-2735 to confirm a space is available.
  2. Send a check for $50 to FNC, 1528 Walnut Street Suite 200 Philadelphia PA 19102 by March 1. Or click here to make a donation via Pay Pal and email T4GCSA@gmail.com that you have done so.*
  3. Pay remainder owed by April 1. Payment plans are available on a case by case basis.*

* When submitting your payment: Include your name, address, phone number and you pick up day and place.

crop 1

Culinary Connections Story

It’s hard to believe that it had been three months since Jevs Human Resources collaborated with FNC to present “Culinary Connections” program.

Here are some testimonies from the participants:

“I realized I want to give a hand to the underdog…Maybe working in a hospital, or helping out senior citizens, or volunteering in a shelter. Food training – these skills – allow you to get a blessing without getting a blessing, if you know what I mean.”
– Othelia

“Life hits you, and when it does, you realize ‘I have to do something,’…And so going back into the classroom, learning what you don’t know, and then being able to show what you do know, is great!”
– Patrick

Visit Jevs’ website, to read more about the success of the program.

R* Health Program

We are very excited to announce our brand new youth program in partnership with Drexel University’s Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Services. We are looking for Philadelphia High School Students who are interested in this unique 12 week program. Each participant gets an opportunity to learn about cooking, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and community service, all while earning ++incentives!

Please see flyer for more info and/or call 215-769-2156 +9

R* Health

FNC’s Emerging Partners Fiscal Partnership Initiative

It is hard to believe that we are in the 5th month of this 2015-2016 Fiscal Year!  There are so many things for us to be thankful for as we move toward this holiday season, and there are still many struggles and obstacles for us to find a way over.  We are most fortunate for all of you who continue to support us and are truly interested in the work FNC does in our communities and with our partners.

This month brought two new first-time funders to our table!  The Leo & Peggy Pierce Family Foundation, which generously funded our Teens 4 Good urban farms and the McLean Contributionship, which funded the purchase of 15 laptops and other IT supplies also to support our Teens 4 Good youth programming!  We welcome these two new partners and are very thankful for the trust and support they’ve shown us!

I would like to focus on FNC’s Emerging Partners Fiscal Partnership Initiative in this blog post!  Chances are, many of you do not know what Fiscal Partnership is – and you should know because it could be exactly what you or someone you know needs!

fiscal year

Many great projects and ideas never make it from concept to reality because of the difficulty of acquiring a 501(c)(3).  Most small start-ups do not have the infrastructure to handle grant management, fiscal management and other back-office chores.  With Fiscal Sponsorship, all of that falls to the Fiscal Sponsor!  You have more time to focus on your mission!  Think about it . . .

RISK IS MINIMIZED! FNC can take on full fiduciary and legal liability for your project under Fiscal Sponsorship!  FNC has years of experience about the rules and regulations that govern the non-profit and philanthropic world.  We have experience with foundation grants as well as city, state and federal grants.

OUR PROFESSIONALS ARE YOUR PROFESSIONALS! You get the benefit of our fiscal, HR, development and programming experience.  We handle all of your fiscal work, and your project is part of our annual audit.  We will process all grants and donations under our 501(c)(3) determination, so gifts to your project are tax deductible, just as if you had your own 501(c)(3)! We can even provide technical support for grant writing, IT and other services as needed!

STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR MISSION! We take over the burden of finance, administration and compliance.  You can spend your time and energy focusing on the people and programs that make our communities stronger.  And, we are always here to advise, brainstorm and help you vet programs and ideas!

FISCAL SPONSORSHIP IS A SUSTAINABLE MODEL! Our shared services around accounting, payroll, HR, insurance, compliance, IT and other areas is ideal for start-ups which do not have the resources or time to create and manage a complex infrastructure.  Established groups appreciate the cost savings as well as the added flexibility that Fiscal Sponsorship can provide in times of both growth and downsizing.

WE ARE A PART OF THE LARGEST NETWORK OF FISCAL SPONSORS! FNC is a member of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors and subscribe to the guidelines and best practices of this collective.


Contact me directly at 215.989.3566 x11
or via email at jerryt@fncphilly.org.

Information Sessions For USLA Recruits

Please visit the various addresses listed on the flyer below to attend at least one of the information sessions, in order to get to know more about recruitment, essential requirements, and more about the USLA program.

1901 S 9th Street, Bok room 212
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 982-2115