Our Projects

After-School Leaders’ Academy (ASLA)

The vision of ASLA is to create safe and positive spaces where elementary and middle school students, during out-of-school time, are engaged in academic enrichment, STEM, and Project-Based Learning (PBL) activities. ASLA’s goal is to guide and instruct each student using standard and researched-based curricula implemented by a well-trained and supportive team of educators focused on each child’s academic progression. ASLA also aims to increase student awareness of social issues and build leadership skills through community and civic engagement.


Alliance for Early Childhood Educators (AECE)

The Alliance for Early Childhood Educators (AECE) is dedicated to improving the quality of early childhood education. We understand the significant role educators play in molding the minds of young children and it is our goal to ensure all classrooms are equipped with the necessary tools for teachers to appropriately conduct experiences for children. Whether it is through professional development workshops or private consultations, AECE offers a wide variety of services that will help with your program’s needs.

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Anonymous List for Change

We aim to empower and inform youth and millennials of ongoing civil rights issues while advocating for change in public policy that promotes equal opportunity for all Americans.

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Avram Foundation

Avram Foundation offers services that focus community leadership development, civic engagement, resource assistance and international economic development.

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Concrete Jungle Rescue

Non profit rescue that focuses on strengthening the interspecies bond and creating second chances for people and animals

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Cultural Institue of Health and Education

CIHE aims to empower and prepare health care professionals who will provide high quality and compassionate care for residents of in-patient and assisted living facilities; nursing homes as well as private homes; outpatient facilities; and hospitals. CIHE will create meaningful opportunities for its students to seek careers in the healthcare industry and their successful entry into the field will help to create greater cultural, social and economic diversity among practitioners in our region.

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District Mugs

District Mugs is a volunteer group that introduces entrepreneurship and business concepts to homeless men and women in Washington, D.C., by teaching them how to design, market, and sell coffee mugs. Participants in the District Mugs program also have the opportunity to earn a small income from the production and sale of their coffee mugs.

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Elevation Project

Since 2015, The Elevation Project has been committed to reducing recidivism and crime rates in the Greater Philadelphia area. By providing a holistic approach to reentry, TEP supplies individuals with the resources and tools they need to help change the way they think and fostering them to break their bad habits.

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Game On! (GO!). Gaming For Good

Game On! is a project of FNC to bring table top role playing games (RPGs) like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) to underserved groups that might benefit from its social and entertainment benefits. Kids gain and reinforce social cooperation, critical thinking, and arithmetic skills in a developmentally appropriate, fun environment of epic fantasy role play like from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books and movies. Adults benefit from play too but our project is concentrating on school-age youth. We hope to develop after school and summer camp programs. Help us bring “gaming for good” to your neighborhood. “Game On!,” as we say.


H.O.P.E. Inc

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H.O.P.E. (Housing Opportunity Purpose & Education) aims to remove barriers and create community infrastructure in underserved communities.


Invincible City Farms

Addressing food insecurity and food deserts using the basic skills of farming, the basic necessity for healthy foods and the goodwill of humanity. Together we can feed and renovate communities like Camden, NJ.

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Julie Rainbow and Associates

Julie Rainbow is a social research activist artist, who integrates critical thinking with 25 years of social work experience; while synthesizing and analyzing stories from elders into original artistic work. Elders who’ve turned their life’s experiences into wisdom share their life experiences.

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Keeping It Together on 118th

We are a neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio looking to better our street and the people who live on it.

Lil’ Filmmakers Inc

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Lil Filmmakers, Inc. is a project that cultivates and empowers youth leaders in digital video production, mass media, and performing arts.

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Philadelphia Prevention Partnership

The Philadelphia Prevention Partnership is a coalition of community partnerships sharing the common goal of preventing substance abuse (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs) in the long term throughout the city.

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Three Little Birds Perinatal

The mission of Three Little Birds Perinatal & Palliative Care Advocacy and Support Center is to empower families to understand their situations, what their rights and options are and the different ways they can bond and honor their child during their physical, emotional and spiritual healing journeys. ​

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Volunteering Untapped-Philadelphia

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Philadelphia has an abundance of caring, talented young people who are eager to make an impact. Volunteering Untapped’s goal is to connect as many of them as possible to organizations serving the city and it’s residents.

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