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FNC Community Learning Farms

Teens 4 Good Farms transitioned to FNC Community Learning Farms with a broader programming and community involvement to include all community members young and old. The Farms are malleable depending on the wants and needs of the people who are utilizing our spaces, whether they be places to hold cooking classes and field trips to spaces people can come and read and spend time outdoors somewhere green and beautiful.

Our Goals . . .

Our goal is to have our various Farm sites grow to become spaces that people come to learn together and teach each other about growing and cooking healthy food.

Our Vision . . .

We would like to focus on emphasizing the educational strengths of each space. The Lighthouse Farm is an exciting focus of this transition. They will become our permaculture orchard and perennial education space. The Lighthouse Farm is both shady and damp at spots, an environment that is perceived as problematic for growing and has dissuade many Philadelphia residents from embracing their own back yards as productive growing spaces. At the lighthouse we would like to demonstrate to people ways of growing that will embrace and remediate those spaces. We have been partnering with the Philadelphia Orchard Project to come up with a comprehensive plan for the space to be a productive farm that will act as an educational space demonstrating how to instill aspects of permaculture into a urban environment.

History of Teens 4 Good

Please click the following link for locations of each Community Learning Farm →

or contact Director of Farm Education Programming, Adam Lauer

1901 S 9th Street, Bok room 212
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 486-4409