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Teens4Good Academy Program Description

Benefits to Youth . . .

Youth who participate in the Teens 4 Good Academy will:

  • Build real business skills such as marketing, sales, networking, customer service, and financial management through running a youth-led food production and nutrition business
  • Build skills that will help them lead a successful and happy life such as communication, team, problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Be better able to nurture and sustain their minds and bodies through learning about health and nutrition, physical activity, resilient thinking, and managing stress
  • Be better prepared to enter and succeed in college
  • Make new friends and be part of a positive peer network
  • Meet professionals from many different businesses
  • Learn about many different careers such as business, marketing, culinary arts, healthcare, finance, sales, and many more!
  • Participate in different types of field trips
  • Have the opportunity to receive assistance with homework
  • Have the opportunity to make some money throughout the school year
  • Have the opportunity to participate in a paid summer internship
  • Have the opportunity to make a positive difference in their communities through designing and implementing community service projects
  • To support environmental stewardship in urban youth.
  • To improve access to healthy food for people in need.

Benefits to Parents . . .

  • Their children will benefit as described above
  • Opportunities to engage in social events and educational workshops coordinated by Academy staff and youth
  • Opportunities to connect parents to supportive services offered through FNC’s member agencies
  • Opportunities to meet other partners and become part of a supportive parent network


East Poplar Recreation Center/8th and Poplar T4G Farm/Friends Neighborhood Guild

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1901 S 9th Street, Bok room 212
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 486-4409