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Teens4Good Program Description

Our Program . . .

Teens 4 Good is a youth-led food production and nutrition program that transforms vacant lots into urban farms that grow fresh vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers. Through hands-on educational activities, youth learn practical skills about communications, teamwork, marketing, and nutrition.

Youth learn how to: Plant, nurture, harvest, package, and distribute vegetables, herbs, fruit & flowers; distribute healthy, fresh produce to the community through food cupboards and affordable community farm stands; design and conduct nutrition programs; design marketing materials; manage finances; communicate effectively; apply character strengths to solve problems; and build healthy relationships through teamwork, networking, community action, & customer service.

In addition, Teens 4 Good members participate in a comprehensive, experiential-based curriculum that builds communication, team building, problem-solving, critical analytical, and leadership skills among participating youth, skills that are needed to succeed in the 21st century.

Our Impact . . .

  • Since 2005, T4G has engaged over 800 inner-city youth – with 96% graduating high school and 88% going on to post-secondary education.
  • T4G has produces and distributes approximately 7 tons of healthy food to people in need.
  • T4G has hosted over 1100 volunteers and numerous farm tours for local businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and national groups.

James Whitaker
Founding member of T4G and now employed as a T4G Farmer/Educator:

“This program made me believe I could be better than the average teen. That I actually stand for something. I feel like I have impacted other people’s lives and it made me believe that T4G was really doing something for me.”

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