Teens 4 Good

Teens 4 Good was founded in 2005 by a small group of determined youth and adults who shared a vision of addressing the issues of poverty, urban blight, and the lack of accessible fresh produce in many Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Our Vision . . .

To serve as a model and mobilize urban youth to take leadership roles in improving their communities by transforming vacant lots into urban farms, improving access to healthy food for all people, creating meaningful jobs for at-risk youth, and empowering youth to become healthy, responsible young adults and leaders who give back to the community.

Our Goals . . .

  • To improve the following among urban youth:
    • Knowledge of and attitudes towards nutrition & eating healthy.
    • Work readiness skills.
    • Leadership skills.
    • Self-efficacy with respect to connection to community, life skills, sense of self & work readiness skills.
  • To support environmental stewardship in urban youth.
  • To improve access to healthy food for people in need.

garlic harvest.Selling harvested produce at the market

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