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Parent Empowerment Program

The parenting program engages parents through group discussion and role playing concerning the power of love and affection, parent influence, listening, role modeling, consistency, appropriate discipline, child abuse awareness, financial and nutritional education.

Our Vision . . .

FNC believes that the foundation of any healthy community is a healthy family. As such, our vision is to be a driving force for building healthy communities through supporting the development of healthy families through our Parent Empower Program (PEP).

Our Goals . . .

FNC’s multi-faceted Parent Empower Program is designed to achieve the following three primary goals:

  • Increase parents’ knowledge of their children’s normal developmental stages so that parents will better understand, respond to , and nurture their children’s social, emotional, physical and academic development.
  • Help parents explore, identify, and apply their parenting assets and strengths to promote positive development of their children and to increase their resilience as parents.
  • Reduce parent’s isolation by creating a network with other parents and connecting them with community resources and neighborhood partners for ongoing support.

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or contact Director of Family Services, Bernadette Jones

1901 S 9th Street, Bok room 212
Philadelphia, PA 19148
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