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Part of our mission at FNC is to be responsible stewards of all of our resources – and, this includes those we work with, partner alongside, and our incredible team of dedicated and often self-sacrificing professionals. As the Executive Director at FNC, I have struggled with finding an appropriate response to COVID-19. Frankly, I shouldn’t have. The correct response is obvious. We simply must do the right thing for everyone involved.

This is why I have decided to close our physical office until at least April 3. We will weigh our continued response by listening to those professionals who are dedicated to doing the right thing, not the easiest thing.

What does this mean for those we serve and those who depend upon us to be here? That will be an evolving answer – but, our intent is that none of this changes. We will work remotely. We all have access to essentially everything that we would have access to at our office – especially email, files, and telephones.

The youth programming team has developed a plan for continued, remote programming designed to ensure that program participants and partners can continue, just in a different way.

Our fiscal sponsorship projects will make their own decisions about their programming and projects, but we will be here as always, to assist, advise, manage the fiscal records, submit payroll, and pay bills. While there could be a delay when a physical check must be cut, for those things that cannot be paid online, I can trek to the office and print and mail checks.

For our funders – our commitment to you will not change. We do not intend or expect our outcomes to be diminished because of this. We will use our creativity and experience to make sure that we fulfill our commitments to everyone. If you email us – we will receive your email and respond. If you call us, we will answer. If we are unable to answer at that moment, if you leave us a message, we will call you back. If you text us, we will respond. We are still here – but, just making necessary adjustments to help all of us get through this safely. And, if in this adjustment, we screw up – tell us. We are all learning here.

We urge you and your families to be smart. Never has the old adage “better safe than sorry” carried more meaning than now. Even if you are not in a high-risk group, you come in contact with high-risk individuals, often without knowing it. So, be safe so that there will be nothing later to be sorry about. We care about you. We want to hear from you. Call us, email us, text us . . . to brainstorm, to talk everyday business, to vent, or just to make a human connection. We are a community. We pledge to strengthen that community with compassion, intelligence, and faith that soon everything will be back to whatever it is each one of us considers normal.

The team at FNC joins me in sending to each of you our hope that this pandemic’s only impact on you is a change in how we do things for a while. Meanwhile, we’ll see you on the other end of this!


Jerry Tapley

Executive Director, FNC

Together we can build safer, healthier communities where people excel, ideas grow, and dreams are realized.

Fiscal Sponsorship

One of the many ways FNC supports its vision and mission to transform and create thriving communities is through our Fiscal Sponsorship program, Nurturing Emerging Community Visionaries. We are here to support you through a myriad of services as well as help mentor you through all the stages of starting your own project. Back office services such as accounting, fund and grant management, audits, and liability insurance allow you to focus on what’s important to you, allowing you to see the success of your project and the impact it has on your community. Through your success, we all succeed.

Youth Programs

Teens 4 Good

Teens 4 Good was founded in 2005 by a small group of determined youth and adults who shared a vision of addressing the issues of poverty, urban blight, and the lack of accessible fresh produce in many Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Parent Empowerment

The Parent Empowerment program engages parents through group discussion and role playing concerning the power of love and affection, parent influence, listening, role modeling, consistency, appropriate discipline, child abuse awareness, financial and nutritional education.

Urban Sustainability Leadership Academy

The Urban Sustainability Leadership Academy is an enrichment program for high-performing high school seniors. We provide the supports and connections needed to boost opportunities and avenues post-graduation. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach limits potential and limits an individual, which is why we strategically collaborate with talented and diverse partners.


WorkReady Philadelphia, formerly known as Summer Career Exploration Program (SCEP) and managed by the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN), is a portfolio of programs that addresses the skills gap for vulnerable young people.

Feed Your Potential 365

Feed Your Potential 365 (FYP365) Health Engagement Activities include Your Well-Being, Cooking Skills & Food, and Grocery Shopping.

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