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Lil’ Filmmakers Inc


Lil Filmmakers, Inc. is a non-profit organization that cultivates and empowers youth leaders in digital video production, mass media, and performing arts.


Philadelphia, PA.

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What do modern opera and urban youth have in common?
Ask Janine Spruill and she’ll tell you it’s about great storytelling.

Janine is the Director of Lil’ Filmmakers. Utilizing video production as the medium, she helps the youth of underserved communities learn the value of a trade, the rewardsof networking, and of course, the appeal of a great story. Lil’ Filmmakers’ origin is a grassroots account of a college grad, a camera, and a dream. Janine brought this dream to life over the course of 18 years. She had a great deal of success towards Lil’ Filmmakers’ mission, focusing primarily on works as a service provider. Lil’ Filmmakers run multiple programs that connect youth to the technology of filmmaking. Writing, acting, filming, and post productions are the tools that she used to help youth evolve into leaders.

“Our ultimate goal is to move beyond grassroots and I didn’t know how to do that … That was the missing component.”

– Janine Spruill, Founder

Despite Lil’ Filmmakers having its own 501(c)(3), Janine decided that for her dream to grow, she would need the support of a fiscal sponsorship. Lil’ Filmmakers signed on with FNC in 2017 and the impact was felt almost immediately. FNC’s Executive Director, Jerry Tapley reached out to his network and connected Janine with Opera Philadelphia. From this introduction, Lil’ Filmmakers was commissioned to do a series of works: to promote the real-life stories of seven individuals as they recount the events of the 1985 MOVE bombing and the 2013 Philadelphia school closures.

“Jerry’s been really supportive with not just helping to write grants, but [with] building that foundation and infrastructure that we need”

– Janine Spruill, Founder

By taking advantage of the guidance and mentoring offered by FNC, Janine is able to pursue other types of funding and grants that Lil’ Filmmakers may not have been able to qualify for on its own. As part of the larger goal, Janine looks to secure enough funding to start claiming a salary for her work with Lil’ Filmmakers.

We Shall Not be Moved had its World Premiere September 2017. The show will also be performed in Harlem’s Apollo Theater and in London’s Hackney Empire.
Lil’ Filmmakers continues production on its first feature-length film Erudition The Movie.
In addition, Lil’ Filmmakers has submitted its funding application to NBC’s Project Innovation and is awaiting the selection process.

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