Through Collective Impact, FNC embraces our responsibility to be a leader in bringing together diverse stakeholders to partner through issue-focused, impact-driven collaboration toward the transformation of systems that, as a result, will produce thriving communities.


Honesty, combined with ethical & principled behaviors is the basis of our work. We convey this through mutual trust & respect for our customers & our peers.

Shared Leadership

We believe that leadership comes from all levels. Our commitment to provide continual learning, individual growth & professional development reflects our belief in the value of our staff, member agencies & their respective teams. We value the input of our staff and the management and direct service professionals of our member agencies.


We understand the interdependence of FNC and its member agencies & actively seek to strengthen those relationships & to forge new partnerships with others to achieve our common goals. We are committed to the sharing of information, energy & resources with each other. We celebrate the diversity of our partners and our neighborhoods.


FNC understands its role as an advocate for the neighborhoods & those who serve those neighborhoods. We seek to provide a platform where our unified voice informs public policy, funding, philanthropy and law.

Intentional Innovation

We encourage & support innovative ideas, visions & dreams of all levels of leadership, staff & volunteers of our member agencies. We are committed to provide opportunities for creativity & will provide a structure to seek ways to initiate those innovations through funding and other support.

Customer Service

FNC believes that customer service must be the core of all that we do. We will provide our member agencies and constituencies with seamless services that are creative, accessible, resourceful, respectful, courteous and reliable.


All of our commitments and principles are reflected in the quality of our performance. We are a performance-driven agency, managed through metrics and measures that inform our continual improvement.

1901 S 9th Street, Bok room 212
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 982-2115